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ハイキュ log by More

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I don’t think that’s a scheming face… I think he’s actually smiling. Maybe…


I drew some more Haikyuu! I can’t live without it /cries… (sorry ‘bout the twitter watermark!)


Shimizu (Witch)

A cool, unapproachable yet alluring witch served by her two minions.

Tanaka & Noya (Minions)

Minions of the witch Kiyoko. They don’t really care about things such as the Great King.

Oikawa and Kuroo’s Haikyu Quest characters will be added to the website some other time.


Hello my dear followers and… fans of Haikyuu!! And sorry for my English.

In Poland, my country, it’s 1 am so it’s already 30th August - that means: World Championship!

Dear Haikyuu!! fandom - is there anybody who likes volleyball at all, not just HQ?

I’m writing about it because I started to read Haikyuu!! because I like volleyball (I can’t play volleyball very well even if I was in a team two years ago - it sucks)

And now in my country, we have World Championship and I support my national team so let me write in Polish “Polska, biało-czerwoni!”.

I hope today’s openings ceremony and match Poland vs Serbia at National Stadium in Warsaw will be big and awesome event!

And on Sunday - next Haikyuu!! episode! Because I’m reading manga, I already can’t wait to see Kageyama face and all this funny moments in anime XDDD